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Let us engage your senses

ROZAYA.  Our name is an invitation to engage your senses.  We unveil scents that suit you best, and that you love most.  We bring them to you by stirring emotions, awakening memories, enhancing your senses.  Expanding your scent experiences, enriching your world.

What is ROZAYA? 


ROZAYA is a luxury woman’s perfume catering to the prestigious woman.  We curated the best ingredients from around the world, diligently researched the scents of empowered beautiful women and combined this with a superior design to deliver unbelievable sensations of scent with strength and beauty.

Who is ROZAYA?

UK designers. UK Made.  We bring to you three unique fragrances that were curated from essential ingredients designed specifically for women.  In combination with our years of  research and development on what a woman should smell like, we bottle our fragrances in luxury glass holders with an option for a diamond encrusted case.

Who is a ROZAYA woman?

The ROZAYA woman is easily elegant, sophisticated, luxurious, and adventurous. 

She knows what she wants and how to get it.  Her skin is lavished throughout the DAY with a sensational scent. 

By NIGHT she is mysterious and exotic with undertones of spice and excitement. 

She is ADRIANA, the great.  The emperess of her kingdom. 

She is someone who knows there is no substitute for quality. She strives to have the best in life and stops at nothing to achieve her dreams. 

She has a thirst for knowledge and discovering the best the world has to offer.  She lavishes herself with the finest from the DIAMOND COLLECTION and takes pride in her appearance. 


When she wears ROZAYA, she is the epicenter of the world.

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